About Art Experience Operator



In the spring of 2019, Nonterritorial will be opening its public operations. Our first art experience programme is production-ready. The backdrop is our priority locations are Italy and Japan, including the mainland and the islands. We will also be hosting preview receptions in select locations across Europe and internationally.


Contexts, locations, spaces are being detected by their poetics, aesthetics of ambiances and many other challenges that language cannot express or represent. This is about new levels of perception, about intangible more than tangible, and the importance of the amplification of poetics.


Nonterritorial invites artists inspired by elusive nature and limitless possibilities. This can be a new artwork created specifically for Nonterritorial or existing artwork. We are inviting artists who are challenging themselves, those who are outside of the influences of systemic forces and formalism, those who have the ambition to draw a new landscape, new territory, new categories.


Our audiences will come closer to the art of our time through experiences which hold a different order which tries to escape formalism and institutional frameworks, which care about authenticity and transformation. We invite audiences to experience a range of artwork, from the material to the immaterial, without limitations of discipline, geography or scale.


Nonterritorial is building a collection of artwork by the most active contemporary artists. It is a continually growing collection being introduced through regularly rotating art experiences.


Nonterritorial engages a conversation between the most active artists and emerging audiences today. It is a gateway for a variety of geographic regions and it’s artists to access the international arena, and also a bridge linking the different art scenes themselves. It can be understood as a complex of runways and art experience zones where ideas take-off, land and experiment.